Physiotherapy and Hysterectomy recovery

Physiotherapy treatment and advice can really help if you have had, or need to have, a hysterectomy.   
Pre-op Help
The benefit for you can begin before you are due to have your operation, where you can get ahead of the game with a pelvic floor assessment (if you want this). Having an assessment to see how well your pelvic floor is working can be really helpful, as completing a range of pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) can help if your pelvic floor is weak.  Also looking at your posture and how you are breathing also impacts on how your pelvic floor muscles will work.  If you have trouble relaxing your pelvic floor muscles then relaxation work or soft tissue release work can be of benefit.
Advice can also be provided to help you get prepared to go into hospital and for recovery in the early days post-op.  There are some early exercises that can help initially, and knowing how to do these before you have your operation means you will know what to do when you are first home.
Post Op Help
You can benefit from advice on how to slowly begin exercising again, and the type of exercises and lifestyle advice that can help you for life!  There are also wonderful sessions in soft tissue release work that can help you with your scar recovery.  These scar recovery sessions can help you connect to your core again.  Working on restoring optimal breathing is really important to get all of the elements of your core working well, can help with relaxation of your pelvic floor and getting your abdominal wall mobilising well again.  Soft tissue work is really gentle and relaxing, initially working away from your scar to help get and areas of tissues that feel 'stuck' feel more mobile and relaxed.