Recovery after a C-section

If you delivered your baby via a C-section then your recovery rehabilitation needs to take into account that your have had major abdominal surgery.  You are post-natal, just like any other mother, and will benefit from advice and treatment that will address any issues that you may have since your pregnancy and delivery.  This might include issues with your pelvic floor, posture or abdominal muscles separation (diastasis recti). 

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I'm struggling with my recovery after my C-section

When you delivered your baby you also had major surgery and this needs to be considered in your recovery.  Some ladies recover very well from the surgery, however for other ladies the recovery is not so easy and can take longer or will benefit from different rehabilitation work.  Situations which may lead to you having a longer recovery may include:

  • If you had problems with healing of your scar/wound - this might include infections or other post-operative complications

  •  If you had an emergency c-section, or any complications during the surgery - this can lead to issues such as larger scars or greater levels of tissue damage/delayed healing

  • You may have attempted a vaginal birth, and then required an emergency c-section, therefore you may have perineal trauma that also requires recovery and rehabilitation 

  • You may have had a number of c-sections, and this can lead to greater scar tissue developing - or multiple scars

  • You may have a medical condition that affects how you heal and recover - for example if you have diabetes or a connective tissue disorder

If you feel that since having this surgery you get: pulling and restriction at your scar site, pain in your back, hips or pelvic floor, feel disconnected to your core and pelvic floor or you struggle with your abdomen being touched or the look of your scar or abdomen then please get in touch.  The sessions are so relaxing and gentle, after you've done such a fantastic job of carrying and delivering a baby, you deserve to prioritise your own recovery too.

Perineal Trauma

If during your delivery you had any perineal trauma you may have many questions about what happened, how to aid healing in the area and what to do if something doesn't seem right.  Click the link below to be directed to a website on perineal trauma that has been developed by Sara Webb who is a specialist midwife at Birmingham Women's Hospital.