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New Year - New Focus!

Welcome, welcome to 2019! So as the new year starts, it becomes a time to focus on the year ahead and be proactive in the changes that we are going to make to get to where we want to be. I've realised this doesn't happen by chance often, we actually need to DO something, get out there and make it happen! What do we want to achieve and how are we going to get there?

My passion remains in helping the many women out there who I know need support. For 2019, one of my goals is to complete the full launch of the 'Mum Review'. This is a complete assessment that will help post natal ladies out there feel stronger in themselves, recover from having their child/children and have the confidence to do all the activities they want to do.

I also want to expand the acupuncture clinics that I do, as I get such good feedback from people who try this treatment option. This treatment can be great for muscle and joint pain, and if you can reduce the pain you have then this means you can start completing more activity, exercises and doing the things you want to return to. As I have a special interest in Women's Health, acupuncture to help with the symptoms of; pelvic pain, endometriosis, pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and the menopause are also areas I want to increase awareness of.

Acupuncture is also great for helping reduce stress and anxiety and improving sleep. I think a bit more time spent on looking after ourselves this year can't be a bad thing.

So, join me on this journey. Be a better you.


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